Conventional marketing has a nasty habit of making the most amazing businesses appear remarkably ordinary.

Let's Break Convention

Own your space. Ditch conventional marketing practice.
Entrepreneurs, discover how to build your brand less ordinary:

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Let your competitors invest all their profit into Adwords to gain attention.
Let them trash their prices in order to win new business.
Let them blather on about being 'one of the leaders' or 'the best' in the industry.
A message for everybody that connects with nobody.

You and me? We're going to take a different journey. A more purposeful journey.

We'll invite our audience to buy into us, rather than from us.

We'll make good use of the communication tools and marketing platforms at our disposal. To get to know our audience. To share insight, our knowledge, who we are and what we stand for. As people connecting with people.

Only then can we create a purpose-driven business & build our brand less ordinary. You ready?


Content Marketing - Strategic ThinkingWhat if your greatest business challenge wasn't to grow your business, but to grow the marketplace for your business to thrive within?

I'm fascinated by the market of one. The opportunity you create when your niche is your business. I call it your purposeful difference. What truly and authentically separates you from the rest of the players in your industry.

Through Brand Less Ordinary I share insight and learning from the successful entrepreneurs whose quest has been to command and thrive within their own market. To build their brand less ordinary.


I'm Ian Rhodes. Through consulting, workshops, speaking and writing I share my experience, ideas and insight to help you challenge convention. To get creative and allow your business to thrive through a more-purposeful approach to marketing.

Put my 18 year digital marketing career to use for your business. Build and grow an online brand free from the constraints of the competitive marketplace. To build your brand less ordinary.

You ready?

Ian Rhodes

Ian Rhodes - Niche Marketing Consultant & Chief Differentiator

Ian’s passion for stories and curiosity about response is a perfect combination of the art and science of storytelling.

Annette Simmons Author of The Story Factor


Content Marketing - Learn To Ask Questions'What business are you in?' a question Harvard Business Review editor Theodore Levitt challenged business leaders to answer back in 1960.

54 years later our business is still determined by the label we place upon it. The digital era offers you the ability to show your audience the real you. The people. The process. The values. And yet, why are most businesses still uncomfortable to open their doors wide and share their craft?

I want you to take full advantage of the platform you have available to you right now. To shift your business away from the competitive hyperbole. To become a business connected with your audience of believers.


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Are you really in the business of business growth?

We need to get smarter with our thinking if the only identifier to the service we provide our clients is the business of 'growth'.
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There’s a lot you can accomplish in 24 hours. Including an email response.

In my quest to eradicate conventional marketing, today I take a look at the non-descript 'we'll get back to you in 24 hours' response...
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Scarcity and the ‘one time only’ offer

Using scarcity to persuade customers to buy from you? Here's my take on how scarcity can work better for you.
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You don’t like your market? Change it

We all like to have a good moan about our industry, don't we? The startups who are 'too naive' to make it. The price-slashers who 'won't survive'. The bandwagon-jumpers who 'don't get it'. There's always a good reason to grumble about what's happening out there. And, with good reason. I hear this a lot. A […]
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Unsubscribe: It doesn’t have to be the end of the journey

As your connection with your audience grows you will still find the inevitable 'unsubscribe' requests for your email newsletter. Here are two examples of how to handle unsubscribes the good way... and the not so good.
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Retailers, don’t suffer from email repetition syndrome this holiday season

Email marketing: Sadly, some retailers are throwing all their strategic work out of the window this holiday season. Here are some top tips to stop getting caught by the Email Repetition bug.
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What an unsubscribe button and a country music singer taught me about the buyer’s journey

The buyer journey: Don't be afraid to explore creating content outside of your core offering. Here's one example of how creative content can draw connection as you sell your process, not your product.
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It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it.

Purpose-driven content: Even in the most competitive of industries you still have the opportunity to create a community around your craft. Take this example of a business with a purposeful difference in the domain sales market.
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The great originality hang-up

Content Marketing: Don't be put off creating content for the fear of lacking originality. I'll take a consistent and resonating message any day over a business striving for originality. Just don't be ordinary.

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